Auditorium of the university
Lifts are battery powered - charger is included.
Access for wheel chair users to a dentist
Wall mounted lifts
Remote control and/or fixed call buttons
Access to an consulting office
Very slim lift version for narrow stairs
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Outdoor platform
The lift rail replaced the hand rail
Lower and top end position
This lift is driving across 4 levels.
This lift is driving across 3 levels.
Apartment house stairs: Lift Rail = Hand Rail.
Building under preservation order
Apartment House
All lifts share the rail way as hand rail!
Social Welfare Centre
Platform lifts - curved rail
Platform lifts - straight rail
Platform lifts - stainless steel
Stainless steel all-over!
...and musicians.
television stations...
Public celebration with...
Consulting | Planning | Installation
Lift in the capital city centre
17 meter rail way!
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