We provide for your stair the right lift. We provide independent advice. Choose from our wide range of lifts.
If necessary we remove the hand rail.
Park position - top and bottom
Fold away if not needed!
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Steep stairway
Thyssen lift
Colour? Your choice!
Remote control systems
Absolutely safe!
Park position
Customised rail
Stair lifts - one or two & curved rails
Choose a colour matching your wooden floor, wooden wall, wallpaper, carpet or steps.
The standard lift has its park positions at the top and the bottom.
Turn the chair in park position for easy access.
Additional park positions if required.
...for all stairs!
Doors close to the stairs are no hindrance
The rail can be fold up automatically
Straight stairs - straight rail
Lifts are foldable
Close to doors...
.... no problem!
Narrow stairway
Stair lifts - straight rail      
Two rail system
 The rail fits to any stairs
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