Insurance company ALLIANZ: Employee access
Hand rail barriers - for your safety
Vertical lift between two car park areas
Stainless steel lift.
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Vertical Lifts | User Friendly
Absolutely safe and reliable products!
Having installed plenty of platform lifts & ramps we will find the best solution for you to bridge any distance. A lift is fitted quickly and without any hassle for you. We are here to help you finding a stair lift that is right for you.    
SAP building
Preparation of the door cut-out
Rooftop level 12.
The door frame is installed
View from door
Mounting of the lift side walls
Installation of parts and cables
Lift for Software Company SAP
Entry and exit is 90 degrees turned
Vertical lifts
Vertical lifts - stainless steel
Wheelchair lifts can be used alternatively to ramps
Modular ramp systems fitting in perfectly in most surroundings.
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