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Infranomic heating units are not mass-produced products. Every model is individually hand made in a German factory.
Infranomic heating elements are also  available as table or column.
Our assortments include an extensive range of photo and picture designs that help provide a unique atmosphere for any room. So you are able to pick out the perfect decor of your Infranomic heater to fit your unique needs.                              
You are not restricted with your choice of just our picture motives, but by request we can help design your own personal Infranomic heating unit: You just need to send us a motive / design of your choice via e-mail.  (Please take into consideration that the picture you send needs to be a minimum resolution of 5 megapixels.).        
Coromandel | Cathedral Cove - Design your own heating unit!
A heater as a message board – that’s a first! This unit can be used in restaurants, snack bars, on market stalls or anywhere where it makes sense to keep people warm and informed.
Illuminated heating units: Have you ever seen something like this before? This could be your illuminated heater!
Your OWN design
The comforting feeling of warmth for body and soul Healthy, economic and aesthetic – Infranomic is sure to impress with its whole range of advantages. The elegant glass or ceramic heating units generate a comforting and healthy heat just like the sun, thanks to their gentle infrared light. This radiation can be compared to visible light and is completely harmless to humans and animals, not to be confused with aggressive UV radiation. The positive effect of infrared light has been put to good use in medicine and has achieved great success in this field. Infranomic heating units can be used in all areas of the home and are ideal for heating holiday homes seasonally. Infranomic heating units are only 14mm thick, so they save lots of space. They have been awarded a TÜV certification and are all hand made in Germany.     Do your health some good The warmth generated by Infranomic keeps the air moisture at a constant level. This is especially comfortable for people suffering from rheumatism or similar conditions. Those with asthma and allergies can breathe deeply: Infranomic disperses hardly any dust as air circulation is much less pronounced than with conventional heating systems. Infrared warmth has even more positive effects on the body. It encourages blood flow to the skin and strengthens the immune system. Infrared light also stimulates the metabolism and has a cleansing effect. Infranomic provides what is probably the most comfortable form of heating. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly Buying Infranomic pays off. There is no need for a central heating system, boiler or fireplace. Even installation is child's play and anyone with even the slightest technical aptitude will find it easy. Infranomic has an efficiency level of almost 100% – nearly all the energy used is for heating. A further advantage is the complete lack of maintenance needed: Infranomic heating elements are wear free and have an extremely long life expectancy. You can also save money with operating costs when compared to conventional heating systems. Using only electricity for operation gives you peace of mind from rising gas and oil prices. With the option of green electricity, Infranomic is a first class solution for environmentally friendly heating.                                                                     Natural radiant heat, not just hot air. The principle of Infranomic is based on electro conductive carbon fibres, which are imbedded between two glass or ceramic plates. When power is supplied, these fibres give out comforting infrared or radiant heat.                      Different to conventional heating systems, Infranomic warms the room air indirectly and consequently dries it out less. The relative air moisture remains virtually unchanged. Floors, walls and ceilings absorb the emitted warmth directly and retransmit this as radiant heat. An advantage of this principle is that mould build up in the walls is thus prevented. Even the most extravagant design wishes can be realised with Infranomic heating units – we’ve got a large number of options available to you.                                                                                                                            
Our Infrared Electrical Heating Units offer energy efficient and beneficial heat in stunning designs - different colours, as a mirror, illuminated or as a picture in your OWN design. The warmth generated by infrared keeps the air moisture at a constant level. This is especially comfortable for people suffering from rheumatism or similar conditions. It hardly disperses dust so those with asthma can breathe deeply. Floors, walls and ceilings absorb the emitted warmth directly and retransmit this as radiant heat. An advantage of this principle is that mould build up in the walls is thus prevented. Heating with infrared is simple and clean. You only need the one thing every house already has- electricity.         It is probably the most comfortable form of heating with an efficiency level of almost 100%, nearly all the energy used is for heating. Infranomic® heater units has no annual maintenance or servicing costs as the heating elements are completely wear-free with an extremely long life expectancy of approximately 30 years. An unlimited choice of designs is on offer. Not only a wide range of standard art designs and colours taken from the RAL colour chart but the opportunity to express your creativity by applying YOUR designs to our heaters, from etching mirrors to pictures and photography. We can even match wallpaper! Send us a sample! But why stop there? You can choose from a wide range of frame choices and LED backlighting. Illuminated heating units: Have you ever seen something like this before? Infranomic® heating elements can be wall or ceiling mounted, or if prefered free standing & portable, also available as table or column. All you need in order to heat a room is a standard plug socket. Infranomic® heating elements are splashproof (IPX4 Rated) and therefore operate perfectly in the bathroom. Misted up bathroom mirrors are a thing of the past.  Infranomic® heaters stay completely clear when in use, allowing you to continue grooming after bathing. Infranomic® heating elements are ideal for your holiday home or caravan or any other property where the use of other heating systems can become expensive purely to frost protect them when not in use or can be very expensive and messy to install.
Your OWN design
Refined mirrors: Add the finishing touches to your living space or bathroom! We create your personal mirror with our special technology. Also possible with you own ideas!
Infranomic heating units are available in the following options: Standard (black or white) Mirror Single coloured (in almost any RAL colour) Patterned (numerous designs) Special models (wall panel, hot stage, finished mirrors, ...) Available in four different frame designs: Frameless Aluminium frame 10 mm or 23 mm Wood frame (beech) 30 mm Most models can be delivered in the following sizes: 400 x 600  mm (200 W) 700 x 600  mm (400 W) 900 x 600  mm (500 W) 1100 x 600 mm (600 W) 1200 x 600 mm (700 W) 1400 x 600 mm (900 W) All heating units are tested and approved according to TUEV standards. They are splash proof and can also be installed in bathrooms.
Technical Information Saves 50% of energy used by other electrical heating systems Healthy natural warmth Especially comfortable for people with rheumatism Does not dry out the air, ideal for asthmatics No mould build-up in the wall unlike other heaters Maintenance-free and extremely robust Silent and efficient in operation Efficiency level of almost 100% Nearly all the energy used is for heating Environmentally friendly Quick and clean installation 30 Year Life Expectancy 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty Hand-built German technology  Awarded a TÜV certification Only 14 mm to 25 mm thick Power Consumption: 200 - 900 Watts | 230 Volt Toughened Safety Glass Surface Scratch-proof, acid-proof, washable, impact resistant Water-safety: IPX4 rated; Protection against water splashes Mirror heaters do not fog up in bathrooms Auto-overheating cut-off
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Here you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Infranomic and the Infranomic heating method using infrared warmth.
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