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Pool lift ‘Delphin’ (Dolphin)
Specifications Max. loading capacity: 130 kg Required water pressure: 4 bar Maximum travel: 1600 mm Material: Stainless steel AISI 316
The pool-lift ‘Delphin’ (Dolphin) is a valuable aid to get in or out of a swimming pool without the need for an assisting person. Operating levers at the upper as well as at the lower level allow simple operation of the unit. The height-adjustable seat turns automatically 90° when lowering or rising.                                                              No underwater installation is necessary. The pool-lift runs on 4 bar household water pressure! No electric components!
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Airplane access platform lift Ikaros
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Specifications Max. loading capacity: 300 kg Speed: 0,1 m/s Power supply: 230 V / 0,75 kW Temperature range: - 25°C up to +50°C
The Ikaros platform stair-lift is the only product in the market for height adjustable air-stairs. The platform automatically adjusts its platform level when the lifting height of the air-stair is changed.                                       This lift can transport wheelchair drivers in their own wheelchair directly to the plane doors in a safe and comfortable manner. The platform lift is Certified by TUV Germany.                  
Stair climber ‘Standard’
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Specifications Type SA-2 Max. loading capacity: 130 kg Min. turning radius: 1250 x 1250 mm Weight:   54 kg Type SA-3 Max. loading capacity: 160 kg Min. turning radius: 1250x1250 mm Weight:   65 kg TYPE SA-S Max. loading capacity: 150 kg Min. turning radius: 970x970 mm Weight:   59 kg
With the stair climber ‘Standard’, straight stair flights with inclination up to 35° can be climbed in a safe and simple manner. The stair climber ‘Standard’ adapts to most wheelchairs and can be taken apart easily for storage or transport in a car. The product is very robust and requires minimal maintenance. With the stair climber SA-S, very little space is needed to turn on narrow landings.                               The particularity of stair climber SA-3 is the loading capacity of 160kg as well as the possibility to carry all kinds of manual wheelchairs! Special attachments allow the use of wheelchairs with folding detachable backrest, adjustable handle, hand brake lever or children wheelchairs
Model ‘Standard SA-2’  |  Model ‘Standard SA-3’
The Stairmax is the only stair climber worldwide that allows wheelchair driver to go up and down straight stairs without the need for an assisting person.               The users active wheelchair needs a small adaptation to the frame of the wheelchair. This adaptation is normally done by OneWe-Electro.  The Stairmax can be used to drive on straight stairs with intermediate landings having a minimum width of 1 m.   
Specifications Max. loading capacity: 110 kg Power supply: 2 x 6 V Accumulator Max. inclination: 35° Weight: 54 kg
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Stair climber ‘Stairmax’
Vertical Platform Liftboy
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Specifications Max. lifting height: Liftboy 1: 595 mm Liftboy 2: 830 mm Loading capacity: Liftboy 1: 180 kg Liftboy 2: 300 kg Lifting speed: 10 mm/s Surface treatment: Powder-coated in RAL 7035 Optional any RAL colour Optional in stainless steel Net weight: Liftboy 1: 53 kg Liftboy 2: 95 kg Power supply: 1x230 V / 24 V
A Liftboy is the perfect solution when ramps are too steep or too long and conventional vertical platform lifts are inadequate and too expensive. The Liftboy can be placed indoor or outdoor in order to overcome height differences of up to 830mm. As a mobile version, the Liftboy can be equipped with transport wheels in order to facilitate an easy transport to the storage location.
Vertical Platform Lift Elevex
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As a hard-working, low-maintenance accessibility tool that sets standard for residential wheelchair lifts, this ruggedly constructed lift has been proven in both indoor and outdoor applications.                                    Easy to use and fast and simple to install, this lift provides an optimal solution to overcome architectural barriers, lifting up to 183 cm
Specifications Maximum lifting height: Elevex 1: 1219 mm Elevex 2: 1829 mm Max. loading capacity: 340 kg Drive system: ACME Screw Speed: 0.04 m/s Power supply: 1 x 230 V
Vertical Platform Lift Delta
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Specifications Max. loading capacity: 300 kg Max. platform size: Length: 1250 mm Width: 900 mm Platform colour: RAL 7035 Rail colour: RAL 9007 Optional: All RAL colours Stainless steel Speed: 0,1 m/s Noise: Under 60 dB Rail inclination: 0 – 57° Power supply: 24 V battery driven
The Delta is the perfect solution for straight indoor and outdoor staircases. An elegant design, a very slim construction, as well as a silent operation are the striking features of the Delta. With its appealing design, the lift fits perfectly into any surrounding.                        The Delta is fast and easy to install. Its simple but ingenious platform mechanics are easy to understand and require minimal maintenance.
Hoisting platform Type GHB 20 • capacity 360 kg    • max. height: ca. 15 m Deliver possibilities • variable platform size    • open construction for terraces, .... • in steel or aluminium - glass shaft Hoisting platform Type GHB 50 • capacity 500 kg    • max. height: ca. 2 m Deliver possibilities • construction in revolving shaft or with security boot • stainless steel design or RAL-colour possible
Platform lift GTL 15  |  GTL 20  |  GTL 30 • capacity 300 kg    • speed 0.15m/ sec upper stainless steel tube can be used as handrail • fixed onto the wall, single stilts or steel construction • special construction on request Platform lift GTL 20 • capacity 300 kg    • min construction lowness of 225mm Platform lift GTL 30 • capacity 300 kg    • major security against vandalism in parking position
Fire brigade hosepipe elevator FSA30 30 drying places for hosepipes (B, C) belts and cables Only 20 seconds 1.6 x 1.4 x 0.45 m excl. climbing ladder 150 kg - fully occupied 1000 kg Maintenance free Elevator belt without interfering guide tracks or cables Corrosion protection, galvanised and powder-coated Status via display Hanging up and taking down on various storeys possible
The speedy platform
Safe and at the same time quickly movable, in just a few seconds. These are the main demands for lifting systems that are compatible to rail-bound transports. Every second counts in boarding and changing trains, because the cycles from train to train are very sensible.                
The WG 300 matches the needs of every rail-bound transportation system. It is extremely fast and easy to move just by one person with or without a wheelchair user on it. And the most exciting part is that even heavy- weight wheelchairs of up to 320 kg can be lifted and moved in just a few seconds.                                           
Without any power
There is no use of electricity. The WG 300 has a special low maintenance hydraulic which can be handled by everybody. The hydraulic pump lifts the whole system up to 1.005 millimeters very, very quickly.
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Specifications Max. lifting height:            Loading capacity: 11 m                                  360 kg Platform size: Any platform size possible, Max. size is 2m² floor area Power supply:                    Motor consumption: 1 x 230 V                            0.75 kW Drive system:                     Speed: Chain drive                         0.15 m/s Shaft pit: Only 120 mm Optional access ramp Surface finish: Standard in any RAL colour Optional with glass, wood or stainless steel finish Platform floor: Standard in antiskip plastic Optional in wood, tiles, etc.
Vertical Platform Lift GHB
Platform Stair Lift GTL
Hosepipe Elevator
Hydraulic Platform ‘Speedy’
Vertical Platform Lift ‘Sigma’
Operation:  1-Person operation with automatic function sequence. The whole movement is carried out by electrical drives. Always one hosepipe is suspended on the hosepipe fork which lowers without interfering guide tracks (no adaptor set necessary). The hose is pulled up by means of the operating button (optional foot button) and placed on an empty space. The hose fork is lowered again and the next hose can be suspended. Removing the hoses is in reverse order. Occupation monitoring is carried out by a non-contact ultrasonic sensor.
Stairmate SA-3
Type SA-3 Max. loading capacity: 160 kg Min. turning radius: 1250x1250 mm Weight:   65 kg
This stair climber is an easy to use, portable wheelchair lift designed to attach under most manual wheelchairs. Stairmate‘s powerful motor allows a small attendant to safely transport a larger passenger up and down stairways. Stair climber ‘Stairmate’ is suitable for indoor or outdoor use in public buildings and private homes. An affordable and reliable portable access solution.
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Please download the “Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide For People with Disabilities” provided by NFPA the National Fire Protection Association US. Their recommendation: Use of an evacuation device like the “Evac Skate” in case of an  emergency for the evacuation of people with disabilities.
Evac Skate - Fast emergency evacuation
The Evac Skate is an evacuation device used to move people with a disability or injury down stairways quickly and safely during an emergency. Its patented speed governor and braking system allows a small attendant to easily evacuate a larger passenger. In an emergency such as a fire or an earthquake, elevators should not be used. People with limited mobility may be trapped. Evac Skate provides a lifeline to safety.                  
Stair climber ‘Stair Chair’
The Stair Chair provides easy transport up and down stairs for people who  are handicapped when it comes to climbing stairs. Guided by only one  person, Stair Chair climbs straight stairs up to a max. stair angle of 35°.
The ‘Stair Chair’ is a battery operated vehicle made to carry a person with walking disabilities up and down stairs. Also used for “Upstairs“ evacuation.
Benefits Mobile to be used on various stairs Collapsable, small enough for nearly any trunk Ideal for old people homes, hospitals, private use
Capacity 130 kg Measurements  L x W x H mm 1321 x 415 x 908 Measurements collapsed  mm 1080 x 415 x 510 Weight 59 kg Speed upstairs 7.7 m / min. Speed downstairs 11.9 m / min Stair angle max. 35° Magnetic brake Battery (included)  1 x 12 V / 17 Ah Battery capacity per charge min. 180 m upstairs Accessories: Automatic charger 12 V / 2.5 A Cabinet for storage of the Stair Chair available.
Minimum stair landing dimensions: length 1050 mm                                                        width 1840 mm Minimum stair width 900 mm Measurements LxWxH  1310x426x810 mm Measurements collapsed LxWxH  1100x426x270 mm Capacity 135 kg Weight 21 kg Speed 1.1 m/sec Stair angle max 40 degree Cabinet for storage of Evac Skate available.
Features - Quick and easy set up for immediate use. - Carries up to 135 kg - Passengers weight moves unit down stairs,    while the governor controls speed - Failsafe brake brings unit to a complete stop automatically - Adjustable safety straps - Stable and self-supporting - Unique seat design allows easy transfer from wheelchair - Durable tracks grip stairs securely - regardless of the stair    construction material Benefits - Provides quick and safe emergency evacuation - No hand carrying of mobility impaired persons - Small attendants can easily move heavier passengers - Easily stores in a secure area when not in use - Requires minimal maintenance
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