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Payment & Pricing Read about the variety of payment options offered on the OneWe-Electro Online Store.   Payment methods The OneWe-Electro Online Store accepts variety payment methods. 1)     Direct Deposit Each order needs a single shipping address. Direct Deposit To pay for your purchase using a Direct Deposit:      1.   Place your order via email info@onewe-electro.co.nz 2.   Obtain the final dollar total of your order including tax and any applicable shipping charges from OneWe-Electro. 3.    Have your bank electronically transfer the total dollar amount of your order using the routing information below. 4.   Reference your web order number with your payment.   Direct Deposit Bank Account  New Zealand: Beneficiary: OneWe-Electro Bank: ASB Bank New Zealand Account #: we will send the account number with the order. Note: Please allow three (3) business days for OneWe-Electro to receive your payment and start processing your order.   Credit Cards or Debit Card  Account verification To prevent any unnecessary delays in processing your order, please ensure that the billing address on your order and credit card account matches. If you have recently moved or are unsure of your billing address, please contact your credit card-issuer to confirm. Security codes The credit card security code is a unique three or four digit number printed on the front (American Express) or back (Visa/MasterCard) of your card. Daily spending limits for Debit Cards Most debit and credit cards have daily spending limits that may substantially delay the order processing, even if there is enough money in an account. When using a debit card, funds are immediately reserved in your bank account upon order placement. Please consult your card-issuer for more information about your daily spending limits if you are having trouble in placing your order. When OneWe-Electro charges your account OneWe-Electro receives authorisation to charge your account prior to shipping your item(s). If your order contains multiple items and they ship at different times, you may see multiple charges on your credit card statement. If you cancel your order before it has been billed, any authorisations placed on your credit or debit card account can take up to 30 days to reverse, depending on the credit card issuer. Contact your financial institution for their specific timeframes. Credit cards accepted We accept no credits cards at this time. Can I change my billing address? Your billing address is the registered address that your credit card company holds. Please ensure that your billing address is correct at the time of placing your order. Once your order has been accepted by OneWe-Electro your billing address cannot be changed as it would have already been authorised by your credit card company . Payment options OnWe Vers. 23-Mar-19
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